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The first and most solid factor is our expert tutors in terms of academic studies, skills, and experience. Second comes the online based platform accessible anywhere, regardless your time zone you can choose the time best works for you and your tutors. You can get both with the most affordable fees. So finally, you can join Arabie’s committed students from all over the world and reach the Arabic level you have been seeking.


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When it’s class time you will connect with your tutor through arabie’s video platform, for more commitment and a better learning experience.


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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Arabie teams for all their help. The service offered has been professional and friendly. The administration side has worked seamlessly

Marwa Mourad

Freelance Arabic Tutor

When exchanging knowledge meets the highest durability, the simple outcome is Arabie

Samira Mahmoud

Specialized Arabic Tutor

Since the lock down and I needed such a service to both fill my time and earn me money, and honestly I can’t ask for more with Arabie.. It was the ultimate teaching experience for me

Ahmed El Tokhy

Islamic Studies Head

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